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Collectors’ Curated Moments 


A virtual event where prominent art collectors gather & show off their curated artworks  while sharing explanations and stories about those artworks. Join the session at the comfort of your own space.

Collectors' Curated Moments by Daniel Ginting

Title : Zoom Out :The Art Journey of Teja Astawa


Day, date :  Tuesday, November 23rd 2021

Time : 1 PM 

Collector: Daniel Ginting assisted by Gallery ZEN1 

Zoom: (

Will exhibit artworks from Teja Astawa, known as his artworks that are inspired by fables - fairy tales about animals that act like humans. Teja grew up nurtured by those stories, which nowadays become his inspirations in arts.Teja is known to be spontaneous, as he gathers his ideas while also putting it in the canvas at the same time. 

Collectors' Curated Moments by Koman Wahyu Suteja

Title : Quark

Day, date : Tuesday, November 23rd 2021

Time : 4 PM

Collector: Koman Wahyu Suteja assisted by Gallery ZEN1

Zoom: (


Will exhibit artworks fromI Nyoman Sujana ‘Kenyem’, Kenyem is known to be very detailed with a touch of calligraphy style in his paintings. His signature is small figures that look like dancing - giving the impression of floating feelings. 

Collectors' Curated Moments by Yudi Wanandi 

Title: Bali Contemporary Art Now

Day, date: Thursday, November 25th 2021

Time: 4 PM

Collector: Yudi Wanandi assisted by Artsphere

Zoom: (


Will exhibit artworks from Agus Saputra, Andre Yoga, Citra Sasmit,  Devy Ferdianto, Dewa Made Johana, Didin Jirot, IB Putu Purwa, Kemal Ezedine, Ketut Adi Suanjaya, Made Wiguna Valasara, and Mia Diwasari.

It will exhibit the most basic form of art with a touch of Balinese from Bali amazing artists. If you are a fan of contemporary arts, make sure you don’t miss this one!

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