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ArtCross Gallery was established in the year of 2015 by an artist, Sugiri Willim. The types of art that ArtCross Gallery focuses are mostly on Pop and Contemporary. During this exhibition of Art Moment, the artist Sugiri Willim will represent his artwork based on the current themes and issues in a representation of a character that is a female baby that loves to act and pose like someone or something else. The role on the character of the baby is a form of camouflage from the artist and did not exasperate on anyone but to purely enchant everyone. The inspiration on the theme of artwork that often came from various original catch phrases in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) as a reminder for us on how to behave appropriately. Besides, we also have other artworks from the rest of the young and prominent artists: Yani Halim, Bob Sick, Hanh, and Syahrizal Pahlevi. ArtCross Gallery hope that the presentation on the exhibition become interesting for the other art lovers and can enrich the repertoire on the culture of art in Indonesia.

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