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Bruno gallery

Bruno Art Group (BAG) is an International art group presenting European art innovation around the world and currently managed by Motti Abramovitz. In the last 20 years Motti has focused on taking Israeli art worldwide. He has taken his forefathers’ dream and expanded on it turning the BAG into a global art group. Today BAG consists of five exclusive galleries in Israel, Singapore, India, Korea and the USA. BAG participates in global art fairs in Miami, NYC, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and India. The BAG’s portfolio is comprised of the works of some Avant-garde geniuses like Mark Chagall, Pablo Picasso and Juan Miro. The BAG represents art masters including Yaacov Agam, David Gerstein, Marcel Janco, Menashe Kadishman, Reuven Rubin and Calman Shemi, along with younger artists Ilana Gal, Eyal Radwinowitz, Adriana Naveh and Roy Yariv.

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