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CAN'S Gallery

CAN’S GALLERY is one of leading Indonesian gallery that had transformed several times to response to the shifting situation of Indonesian art scene. Prior to CAN’s was CANNA Gallery, where they started in a commercial area of Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, to build a new art market in developing area in Jakarta. As the Indonesian market grows and CANNA had became the active players of the scene, the gallery seek into a new concept that combines more commercial aspect of the gallery with the fact that young generation of artists are interested more to the idea of research and discourse into the board. Therefore, CAN’S was established in a new building and introduced new approaches to continue its founder vision and passion in contemporary art.

With its transformation, CANS will maintain its strong and loyal connection to older generation of Indonesian artists to represent them in a more global market. By taking this mission, CANS actively participates in various art fair round the world including the reknown ones such as Art Basel HK, Art Dubai, Art Jakarta, Art Stage Singapore and so on. The gallery also supported artists in their individual projects that connect them with different institutions and museums around the world, and also in Indonesia.

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