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Dunia Art Gallery

The establishment of the Dunia Art Gallery is based on the love of collecting paintings. Tjhin Han is the founder and the owner of Dunia Art Gallery since 1996.
With spirit and hard work, and supported by professionals who joined, then over time and experience, Dunia Art Gallery became one of the galleries are quite respected among art collectors and frame enthusiast.
Being one of the most committed and always the leading companies in the field of Frame and Paintings. Conducting a consistent development for Indonesia's Culture. And following in promoting the economy in Indonesia.
Our Services include painting in the frame, frame modification, mirror in the frame, photo in the frame and many more. We collaborate and have major projects with some leading companies as our customers, such as renowned galleries, painting collectors, interior designs and more.
Dunia Art Gallery also actively participates in painting exhibition. We collaborated with many famous artist to collect and exhibit their paintings.

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