Kie Art Project


Kie Art Project

Kie Art Project was initiated by Slamet Santosa with his 19 years of experience in the art world. Slamet believes that the existence of Kie Art Project in art world will give its own color. Kie Art Project sets its goal in achieving the process of growing and inspiring one another among artists. Kie Art Project begun its journey with the project of “Cartoon Village” in 2018. This project aims to improve and to introduce fine art more largely in parallel among the village people and city people. Then it becomes Kie Art's movement point to improve local artist so that their works can be appreciated more largely by every group of people. Kie Art Project mission is to improve and to facilitate Nusantara Artists talent from all ages, group, and religions so that they can be appreciated by all strata of society especially in the capital of Jakarta. Some of our project include Gallery box (box shaped building to present curated artworks without omitting characteristic patterns of their own painters) and Box on the go (gallery in a form of Van that is ready to come to your homes to gives various alternative offers of the best works of art in accordance with your personal taste)

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