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Winners of NFT Art Prized Moments 2021

Winners of NFT Art Prized Moments 2021

NFT is a non-fungible token, a non-replaceable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. NFTs can be in the forms of: illustration, animation, photos, videos, 3D models, audio, and other types of digital files that are minted and stored in a crypto block chain as a proof of stake or ownership.

After Beeple's NFT artwork sold for more than USD 69 million at Christie’s on Mar 11, 2021, the global art scene has turned its attention to NFT Artworks. With the enormous enthusiasm of NFT art and the rapid growth of crypto investors, the prospect for artists to use NFT as their medium to keep making art is still wide open for today and in the future. The future will lie in the balance of physical art and NFT art, co-existing and complementing each other.

In May 2021, Art Moments Jakarta Online (AMJO) the first Indonesian hybrid art fair (online and offline) was launched featuring NFT artworks from a collective of collectors called Metarupa supported by Tezos blockchain. Since then, the number of NFT creators in Indonesia has risen exponentially.

With the ever increasing creators of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art, Art Moments Jakarta organised the first ever nationwide NFT Art competition in South East Asia with the title of NFT Art Prized Moments 2021. The competition was open to all creators and / or artists from October 30, 2021 to November 30, 2021 using the tezos blockchain platform as it is environmentally friendly. The theme for this year’s competition is Time.

The competition is to appreciate Indonesian artists / creators who have dared to venture to the Metaverse by creating NFT Art using Tezos blockchain.

There were 254 NFT artworks submitted and the judges managed to select the 10 best NFT art as finalists of the competition. The judges for the elimination stage to identify 10 finalists were:

Mr. Ruanth Thyssen

(BAFTA and Oscar nominated sound designer, a founder of Metarupa)

Mr. Jeffri Honesta

(NFT artist, a founder of Metarupa)

Ms. Detty Wulandari

(NFT art Collector)

The 10 finalists of NFT Art Prized Moments 2021 are:

  1. A Discovery of Ancient Tech of Time, 2021 by Prasetyo Panji Anggono

  2. Magic Pocket Watch 7000, 2021 by Megapoetri Chintasih

  3. Meet My Self, 2021 by Dom Raditya

  4. Melancholy of Doubt and Fear, 2021 by Muhammad Sabiq Hibatulbaqi

  5. Metamorphosis, 2021 by Ferdinan Linardi

  6. NFTime, 2021 by Eko Darmawan Goenarto

  7. Representational Room, 2021 by Ronaldo Luís Nazario

  8. Time, 2021 by Imelda Victoria Nauli Hutabarat

  9. We're All Made of Time, 2021 by Fauzi Raisyuli

  10. YOU USE TIME: TIME USE YOU, 2021 by Alvi Abdurrakhma

After the finalists were selected, each of them were promoted through Art Moments Jakarta’s and Metarupa’s social media. The public were allowed to choose and support their favorite artist who will be awarded with the People's Choice Award. The 3 winners were selected based on the criteria set from the beginning of the competition and the judges for the final stage were:

Mr. Khai Hori (Art Moments Jakarta Artistic Director) Previously Deputy Director of Artistic Programming at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Senior Curator at the Singapore Art Museum, and was also Senior Curator of the National Heritage Board, Singapore. Mr. Prasajadi (NFT Artist, a founder of Metarupa) Ms. Detty Wulandari (NFT Art Collector) Through extensive discussion and deliberations, the judges finally agreed these are the winners of NFT Art Prized Moments.